For the past 19 years, the CompassFamily of companies has been serving the needs of the Geospatial Community in Colorado and around the globe. In this time of need, Colorado is coming together to help our friends and families recover from the epic flooding that has impacted our state and our neighbors in Nebraska. We are grateful to be in a position to help.

The CompassFamily is reaching out to the community to support assessment and recovery efforts by offering a variety of geospatial products and services at no charge or at significantly reduced rates. From now until March 31, 2014, our companies will provide the following support to the local community for flood recovery activities:

CompassTools will open the geospatial tool box and offer:

• Trimble GPS
o Free repair labor for existing Trimble GPS equipment
o Free testing and calibration of existing Trimble GPS equipment
o Purchase discount on new equipment for flood related activities
o Trade in discount to upgrade Trimble equipment to the latest model
o Free TerraFlex 1 year subscription and software configuration support
o Free TerraSync support for software configuration
o TrimbleConnect configuration for Water and Waste Water inspection and repair workflow
   in Esri ArcGIS Server environment
o Free training for flood recovery activities
o Rental of GPS equipment for 40% off
• Laser Technology laser range finder
o Free integration support to integrate laser and GPS data collection workflow
o Rental of Lasers equipment 40% off
o Purchase discount on new equipment for flood-related activities
o Free training seminars
o Free ArcPad and ArcMobile software configuration and support
o Free support to integrate FEMA inspection application on mobile devices
o Free support to connect your Trimble mobile mapping device to your ArcGIS Server or the
   ESRI Cloud based ArcGIS server with ArcGIS online that Esri is offering to the community
   via Amazon.
o Free training seminars

The Control Freaks of CompassData will support:

The Control Freaks of CompassData will support your precision imagery and field data collection efforts. Government Agencies may provide imagery to the community for flood recovery, but this imagery may not meet the accuracy levels or the time the data collected does not support your application :

• CompassData will provide precision orthoimagery (1m-2m) of pre, post and during the flood event by enhancing imagery from our partner DigitalGlobe. There are many sources of imagery available, but CompassData will provide this high-accuracy ortho product for a more detailed view of the event. The Control Freaks will donate our existing archive or any newly-collected ground control used to process the imagery.

• CompassData has a team of experienced data collection professionals available to conduct inspection and assessment field surveys utilizing our Trimble and Esri expertise. We will do this at reduced cost to support flood recovery efforts.

CompassCom will provide Mobile Resource Management:

• CompassCom will provide our vehicle, mobile asset and android tracking capability to support safety, accountability and efficiency in flood recovery activities. CompassReports can be used to provide mileage and time spent in the recovery efforts to support grant funding and cost reimbursement requests . CompassCom will provide:

• Six-month free hosting service for CompassWorks, CompassReports and CompassTracker, our Esri-based suite of Mobile Resource Management solutions

• Discount Hardware and wireless service
o Fixed mount in vehicle
o Android device tracking
o Pelican-case based portable unit to move from vehicle to vehicle as needed
o High-value assets such as generators, air compressors, light stands, heavy equipment tracking
The CompassFamily of Companies’ employees, management and business partners are committed to supporting our friends and neighbors as we move forward together from this unfortunate event. If you do not see a product or service offered above that you think we may support, please contact us. If we can’t help, we will refer you to our network of suppliers of hardware, software, professional services or a government agency that may offer free data to support your efforts.

Let’s move forward and remember there are no bad days in Colorado!! We all love our beautiful State and the people who live and visit here.

With questions or requests contact us at: